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 Dual Page - Optimised

Loading a webpage can consume as much electricity as boiling a kettle of water. The larger the images, videos and text, the more energy is required to load them onto your screen. By optimising these resources, your webpage can drastically reduce the electricity needed. To demonstrate this point, we have created 2 identical webpages. The only difference is the size of the images and videos.

Optimising webpage resources not only requires less energy to load. Optimised webpages also load faster which improves U/X, decreases bounce rates and improves vital Google SEO rankings.

Optimised assets upload quicker, saving time when working with a CMS. 

Customers will prefer to visit a website that uses optimised assets - giving a business a key advantage over its competitors. 

Every organisation has a responsibility to ensure its website is as energy efficient as possible and therefore emits the smallest possible amount of CO2

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