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Covid-19 vaccination centres, charitable institutions, public health authorities and even private businesses are using our multi-language videos to communicate accurate and trusted information about the Covid-19 vaccine to the widest audience whose primary language may not be English and who remain hesitant about getting the vaccine.


In an environmentally friendly way through shrinker's sustainable digital marketing approach.


We can customise our videos to reflect any geographical region and can be edited to show any language.


Bengali version was created at the request of a Barking & Dagenham Primary Care Alliance which operates a Covid-19 vaccination centre. Within the first 2 weeks, the videos were viewed over 3,000 times and have since played a major role in improving ethnic minority

Covid-19 vaccine uptake rates.


 Customised Version in English -  

Bengali for especially for Barking & Dagenham


Crown Commercial Logo 002.png

Example of content in English -  Gujarati for Leicestershire


In addition to creating groundbreaking dual language Covid-19 videos, Shrinker Digital have also innovated an easy way for people to view of the videos: an online portal and printable poster. By simply clicking on a language of choice or scanning the QR code, viewers are quickly taken to key information most pertinent to them.

This interactive PDF serves as an easily shareable online respository of information.

A printable poster with a QR Code sending people to the online repository of video content in a language they desire.

Like all Shrinker Digital content, they are designed to be shareable and display perfectly on all mobile devices.

Get in touch to have your Covid-19 vaccine videos made today! 

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