Did you know that your website emits CO2? 


Do you know how much it is responsible for each year?

In order to fix this problem, first, you've got to know just how big the problem is.

You do that by benchmarking your website, i.e. take a snapshot of the current situation. 
We offer the market’s most in-depth report on your website covering a host of key metrics.

  • Resource Size/Type and associated CO2 emissions:

  • Specific measurements of both the size of the resources transferred over the web, in megabytes (Mb), and the emissions (in grams of CO2). 

  • Key website visitor data.

  • Annual Transfer of Data and Energy Consumption

  • Energy Impact Score

  • Carbon footprint of the site & estimated reductions 

  • Website server green hosting information

  • Page load speed analysis and recommendations

Once you know the size of its carbon footprint, what can you do to reduce it...?

We give you easy to follow recommendations to reduce CO2 emissions & increase page load speed.

How do you know your website is now 'greener'?

We compile a 2nd test on your website and give you back the comparison data.

How can you continue to keep CO2 emissions low?

We provide a host of services to help you keep your 'digital carbon footprint' as small as possible, including periodical 'tune-ups', the licensing of file optimisation software, and consultation services to ensure you and your organisation continue to operate in accordance with 'digital discipline'.

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