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While sustainability has become a priority globally, the digital carbon footprint seems to have been neglected by many decision-makers. The constant increase in digitalisation makes our digital world's carbon cost more and more relevant and impactful on our environment. This critical issue deserves serious attention and needs an acceleration on the transition to sustainable IT to shape a greener future.

We can’t sit back and wait for the internet to become net zero - it’s today's emissions that cause tomorrow’s climate change. We all need to take full responsibility for our digital carbon footprint today.

Our Services:
Reducing the
Digital Carbon Footprint 

Over the last 5 years, we have developed a range of services designed to measure and reduce the carbon footprint from your organisation's online/digital activities. 

Remember, every online activity creates CO2. Whether its staff using email or your customers visiting your website, your organisation has a duty of care to ensure it draws on the smallest amount of electricity possible.

Most likely, your organisation is measuring energy consumption and CO2 output of traditional activities, such as lighting, heating and transportation. But Shrinker Digital are offering the ability to quantify the size of the carbon footprint from all your digital operations - something, as yet, unseen in the market. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to reduce and maintain the smallest carbon emissions. We call it the "digital carbon footprint", but it is still CO2 your organisation is responsible for emitting. It is just harder to visualise because your computers and servers don't have exhausts sticking out the back of them.

Shrinker Digital:
Company Presentation

Click below to download our company presentation outlines why we need to urgently address the problem surrounding the size and scope of the carbon emissions of the Internet and what services we offer to help organisations measure, reduce, and maintain their digital carbon footprint.

Digital marketers with a social conscience...

As pioneering digital marketeers and avid carbon reduction specialists, we provide organisations with innovative solutions to ensure delivery of key messages in the most energy efficient way possible. From shareable, interactive PDFs that link to our amazing video content, to QR Codes helping NHS patients with cancer screening, we are at the forefront of all things digital.

We are also firm believers in an equality of messaging for all - everyone deserves to get vital public messaging information delivered to them in a language they understand via a media of their choice. From multi language videos encouraging COV-19 vaccine uptake among BAME communities, to helping raise awareness of Hate Crime, we are proud of our work to bring about a more equitable, harmonious, and peaceful society.

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