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Case Study:
Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Websites

Cross Productions is a Leicester-based digital marketing agency. We were tasked with reducing the carbon footprint of their website. 

Our methodology:

1) We created our website carbon reduction report. This gave Cross Productions information such as the amount of KG of CO2 their website was emitting each year as well as a raft of recommendations to help reduce its carbon footprint as well boost page load speed and its SEO rankings.

2) We then enacted a raft of solutions, including optimising images.

3) We carried out a second report to highlight the improvements made. 

4) A Shrinker Digital "Certification of Decarbonisation" (SILVER) was then given to Cross Productions to display on their social media and website to show their customers their commitment to their ongoing net zero strategy.

Key Findings:

1) No change to the website's appearance - their customers experienced NO CHANGE in user experience.

2) The carbon footprint of the website was REDUCED BY 31%.

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