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Generate a 1% cash back on your gross payroll costs, every month, and drive employee loyalty at the same time.

What is an "Employment Partnership?"

A £2bn co-operative, managed by Centaur Group, allowing clients to benefit by leveraging the combined value of the total workforce in the market - this is known as a "Professional Employer Organisation". Effectively, client and staff benefits are achieved by creating a co-employment relationship between the PEO, the staff and the client.

What We Do...

Business Management


Managing your business overheads and costs have never been more challenging, from finding ways to mitigate inflation busting rises right across the supply chain to recruiting and keeping staff. 


The Employment Partnership helps you do both.


● Allows organisations to benefit from cash straight back to the business and their staff unrivalled benefits.


● Guarantees to pay 1% cash back on the gross wage roll every month (£10k per £1million)


● Provides wide reaching benefits to the employees, driving retention and loyalty.


● Enhances the Business's "Employee Value Proposition"


● Provides better asset protection for shareholder capital by reducing Employment Liabilities

Create & Enhance Your Employee Well Being

Employee's want more than just good rates of pay, they want to feel they are 'recognised' and are truly motivated when they feel a most important part of the team - and that goes for all your staff.


  • So why would they stay?

  • What would attract top talent?

  • Happy & engaged employees will increase your bottom line.

  • Become the "Employer of Choice" and win the battle with your competitors to attract the talent you need to grow.

Reward Your Employees - Give them access to thousands in benefits.

Deals/Savings/Cash Back

Access to 3,000+ global deals with all the major retail, leisure, utility and service providers - average genuine savings worth at least £1,300 per member.

Wellbeing Portals

Give them access to 1 to 1 confidential support, access to resources, videos, downloads on Mental Health, Financial and physical wellbeing - help your employees and they will be forever grateful.

Pay Assist

Give them access to be "earned pay" within the month and avoid them paying "pay day loan" exorbitant interest rates when obtaining cash is difficult for them.

A Better Way To Engage Your Employees

Save Time - GP Online

No longer will your staff have to wait to see their doctor.


Make life easy and simple when they need medical help or assistance.

Private Medical Health

Private Medical Health Insurance.


No endless waiting lists, help your staff get the care they need when they want it.

Grow Your Business

Happy and engaged staff are productive. No endless days lost due to bad health, waiting to see doctors, getting the urgent care they need


We understand. 1% cash back? No costs? Employee benefits? 

So what's the catch? Simple - there isn't one. 

Can any organisation join?

No, sadly not. Your organisation must be VAT registered & should have an annual payroll no less than £500,000 per annum. 

Is it a tax avoidance scheme?

No, not at all. You retain full control over the funds of payments to staff, liabilities to HMRC and to the pension provider.

How do employees benefit?

The current payroll under management is over £2bn, resulting in clients and their staff receiving benefits that are normally paid for in other models. This is achieved by creating a co-employment relationship between the PEO, the staff and the client.

What do our staff do?

Nothing. They'll simply get a new PAYE number. There's no change to their tax status and their statutory rights are retained and protected.

Is it a complicated process?

Once we've got your details, we'll organise an initial meeting to answer all your questions. If you wish to proceed, there are some simple stages to follow.

How long does it take?

We estimate between 4 to 6 weeks from our initial meeting to you getting cash EBITDA from month one.

Operations Director - Logistics

Payroll: £15 million

"Initially after seeing an overview of The Employment Partnership the Directors were interested in the value to the business and the positive impact on staff the wider-reaching benefits would bring. We did have some initial reservations. However, after doing our due diligence and taking up the offer of contacting other clients in the partnership, we took the next steps. Having been in the Employment Partnership now for a number of years, we have a massive seal of approval from our workforce and it's great to see so many employees benefiting from our initiatives every single day."

Finance Director - Construction

Payroll: £80 million

"Once implemented it runs like clockwork. We check the HMRC and Pension portals every month and it is exactly what you would expect it, penny perfect"
Team of Industrial Engineers

So what's next?

Simply fill out the form below and submit it to us. 

You will be contacted for a meeting where you will be shown a professional presentation & have any other questions answered. 

Employment Partnership Registration Form

Submit your details below and we'll arrange

for a discovery meeting

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