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Green Web Development

How and why you should consider reducing the
carbon footprint of your website...

  • Loading a webpage can consume as much electricity as boiling a kettle of water.

  • The larger the images, videos and text, the higher the amount of electricity is required to send them across the internet and load onto your device.

  • By containing optimised resources, a webpage will reduce the amount of electricity required, and by extension, help reduce the planet's CO2 emissions.

  • Crucially, optimised video, images and documents will look the same.

To demonstrate this point, below are some video and images. The left side were 'raw' files, whilst the right hand side were optimised prior to uploading to our website.

Original Video - 70Mb (1080p)

Original Image - 1.9Mb

Optimised Video - 4.5Mb (476p)

Optimised Image - 0.53Mb 

Original Image - 6Mb

Optimised Image - 0.177Mb 

Original Image - 0.366Mb

Optimised Image - 0.087Mb 

Total size of original assets:


Total size of optimised assets:


  • Optimised resources = faster page load speed = more people visiting your website. When it comes to website load speeds, milliseconds can mean millions

  • Improvements to vital Google SEO rankings and improved user experience for your visitors.

  • Optimised assets upload quicker - saving you time, energy and money.

  • Smaller images, PDFs, videos are more versatile meaning they can be sent to customers in more ways  - have you ever wanted to send a video but couldn't because it was too big?

  • Customers prefer visiting websites which have the smallest carbon footprint -  a key advantage over competition. 

Every organisation has a responsibility to ensure

its website is as energy efficient as possible in order to ensure

it emits the smallest possible amount of CO2 when visited

Shrinker Digital can create a low-carbon website from scratch, giving your organisation a competitive advantage and excellent green credentials.

If you already have a website, our team of "green web development" experts can make the necessary changes to boost its page load speed whilst lowering its carbon footprint.

You can reduce your website's carbon footprint by as much as 10% by hosting it on a server/data centre that is powered by renewable energy. Shrinker Digital's web experts can help to transfer your website to a "green host" almost immediately.

This webpage's own digital carbon footprint. 

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you reduce the impact your website is having on global CO2 emissions.

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