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Who We Are

A band of brothers & friends with a shared passion to green the web by providing education and innovative communications solutions to help our clients to reduce their digital carbon footprint.

Shrinker Digital - The Team

Shrinker Digital was founded by two brothers, Sat & Jal Kang, who wanted to deliver cutting edge digital content in en eco-friendly way. Later, as the firm grew, Smita and James came on board. 

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Sat Kang


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Jal Kang

Business Development

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Smita Amlani

Client Management

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James Fairhead


Business Graphs

Our Core Services

The Internet is hugely polluting. And it's only getting worse. To combat this, we provide the following:


EDUCATION: Through the provision of training, webinars, and working with colleges and universities, we want to shine a light on this fact and train the next generation of entrepreneurs to ensure they don't add to the problem.

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: Our low-carbon digital marketing services help organisations to lower their CO2 emissions whilst still painting optimal brand image and messaging.

MESSAGE EQUALITY: We firmly believe key messages should be available to as many people as possible, irrespective of their language, ethnicity, or literacy.

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